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Hypnosis and Hypotherapy

Moving beyond fear and stress, into light and healing

When can Hypnotherapy help you?
· When you reach that major crossroads in your life
· When you feel stuck, caught in doubt, procrastination or internal conflict
· When it's difficult to move beyond past and present difficulties
· When you need to reduce your levels of fear, stress or anxiety,
· When it is time to change your habits or completely shift your life path,
· When you wish to explore beyond your horizons,
...to resolve a personal mystery, a spiritual question, an unexplained event
...or simply to learn more about your higher self
· When you need to come to terms with life-altering discomfort, anxiety,
sadness or fear

When it’s time to change a part of your life for the better, I invite you to explore the possibilities - the tools for healing and renewal available through hypnotherapy.

What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is both an everyday occurrence and a profound mental gift.
Perhaps you have gotten lost in a good book and completely forgotten
what time it was. That’s hypnosis.

Perhaps someone suggested to you that by doing some minor activity, you might reduce some type of discomfort – you tried it and it worked. That’s hypnosis.

Perhaps you found yourself daydreaming while stuck in a boring meeting – losing yourself in your memory or imagination. That’s hypnosis.

Hypnosis is merely the suspension of one’s own disbelief, along with the willingness to think selectively on that which you desire to focus. Although simple, this gift can offer us tremendous tools for personal wellness.

How Can You Use Hypnotherapy to Help You?
Hypnosis can offer growth and wellness in many forms. This can be as short term as boosting your confidence – just before you give that all-important speech. Or they can be as deep and long term as reducing life-shattering discomfort or fear. In all cases, hypnotherapy utilizes the unique gift of the human mind that is hypnosis to help you access and heal the issue you wish to address.

What Does the Hypnotherapist Do?
As a hypnotherapist, I am nothing more than a deeply caring guide, who can help you to find the solutions you seek. With my help, you can allow yourself to go into your own internal space to accomplish your healing work. Hypnotherapy is client-centered, meaning that you will always know you have the freedom to do whatever is most appropriate for you. I will only say or ask that which can be most helpful to you to promote your healing.

Imagine how, with me as your guide, you can find answers to questions which can help you improve your life

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What is Hypnosis?
An interview with Craig R. Lang

What is Hypnosis? - An interview with Craig R. Lang
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