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Articles on the Unexplained

A collection of articles I've written over the years I've been involved in UFO, close encounter
and anomaly studies (Note: Some articles open using MS Word or equivalent or in PDF format).

. NEW!!!! Beige cars, evening stars and orange butterflies
A brief glance at the concept of synchronicity, signs from God, and how our awareness becomes tuned to notice the little things that the Universe brings us.

. Spirit, Hardware and Mystery
A look at the contrast between the hard-nosed world of forensic investigation, where the field investigation rubber meets the road, and the more metaphysical world of hypnotherapy and abduction research. (also published in The CE4 Corner)

. Nobody Believes me - Thoughts on Sharing the extraordinary
Thoughts on how to share the burden of being an experiencer. Who can you trust, and how much can you tell without shattering the other person's reality

. The Physics Behind the Metaphysics (PDF)
A look at some of the realities behind energy and alternative healing. Behind the overused new age lore, there is some real physics going on.

. Getting Back to Basics (PDF)
Sometimes, when the ambiguity and the "BS" gets to thick, one needs to say ENOUGH, clear the slate and get back to the basics. What do we really know, what is real and what can we really count on?

· A Fitting End to a Perfect Day
Thoughts on the evening following the 2013 Twin Cities Psychic Sumposium. A moment of reflection on a gathering of people seeking to transcend their limits, and on the relationship between science and the extraordinary that drives their lives.

· A Difficult Path Home
I recently heard a claim that being "spiritual" is a lot easier than following orthodox religion and that being "spiritual but not religious" (labeled as SBNR) is "taking the easy path." In actuality, it appears that seeking one's own way can the most difficult of paths. It does not offer easy answers.

· Sky Watches and Balls of Light – Distant Encounters in the Night (PDF)
Thoughts from an October skywatch in 2011 - were the lights we saw something unusual or something easily explained?

· Whispers and warnings of Contact
There has once again been a resurgence of rumors regarding both disclosure (that the government was going to announce a reduction to the UFO cover-up) and of open contact. A look at what may be behind them, and what several contemporary UFO abductees have to say about the topic.

· Do I smell gunpowder?
Notes on the book Messages by Stan Romanek (with J. Allan Danelek). A look at the new book by Stan Romanek describing his experiences. This case has been described potentially as the smoking gun. But - another article asks - is the gun loaded...?

· The Challenge of the Answer (PDF)
Thoughts and questions resulting from comments I got from my previous article exploring what might happen as the year 2012 arrives...

· What will we see when... (PDF)
A look at some theories and predictions surrounding the current changes and the coming of the heavily anticipated year 2012.

· ...and the sky will turn red (PDF)
A speculative look at some recent events. Do any recent events correspond to prophetic currents in history? Or is today just another day?

· DMT, Quantum Consciousness and the Extraordinary Experience (PDF)
A new look at Graham Hancock's book, Supernatural. Examining the accompanying ideas linking DMT and other hallucinogens with extraordinary experiences. Is there a connection?

· Fascinating glimpses and disturbing questions (PDF)
Two speakers, a UFO historian and an aerospace historian, raise questions that challenge what we think we know about developments in the UFO phenomenon over the last 50 years. What do we need to look for in UFO sightings; what can we prove and what questions are unanswerable? What advances, has our government made during that time and at what cost? Do we have the beginnings of the technology to replicate the behavior described in UFO sightings and might we already have done so? Some questions are fascinating, and some turn out to be disturbing indeed.

· Star travel sooner than we thought? (PDF)
Are we closer than we think to an actual working star drive? I recently listened to an on-line talk by physicist Jack Sarfatti, on ideas of possible ways of controlling or manipulating gravity. Is this how we may be able to travel out among the stars? And might this be how our visitors get here?

· Book Review: Beyond UFOs by Jeffery Bennett  (PDF)
An interesting treatment of the latest in SETI theory, exobiology, etc. An excellent treatment of the Drake Equation and related speculative material, but ignore most of what he says about UFOs. Still, to be fair, he is considerably more open to UFO studies than most SETI researchers.

· Prophecy and Prediction, What are the lessons of 10/14? (PDF)
Another prediction of alien arrival, and the appointed date has come and gone. What is the purpose and nature behind such predictions? What lessons do they hold for us?

· Hypnotherapy for Unexpected Psychic Awakening  (PDF)
How can we use hypnosis along with other healing tools, to help those who have experienced sudden psychic awakening? This is a companion to my article The Awakening.

· The Awakening  (PDF)
Examines the phenomenon of Unexpected Psychic Emergence associated with Close Encounter Experiences - What causes it? Is it unique to the UFO phenomenon, or is it the same as spiritual awakening in other walks of life?
(MUFON UFO Journal, Nov 2002)

· Contact and Disclosure – Does the Government Matter? (PDF)
What does our government actually understand about the UFO and close encounter phenomenon? Do they have any real power to affect the human interaction with our Visitors? Or is it more likely that they are as mystified by the phenomenon as the public is? Will the nature of the phenomenon ever be understood (much less revealed) by the authorities? Or will disclosure more likely be the gradual result of actions by the phenomenon? In the final analysis of the UFO/CE4 question, does our government really matter?
(Minnesota MUFON Journal, June 2004)

· The Indigo Hypothesis (PDF)
Is the present generation of awakened children a gift of the Visitors? We examine this possibility, and look at the motivations behind a possible genetic agenda of the Visitors.
(MUFON UFO Journal, Feb 2004)

· Close Encounters – The Meaning We Bring With Us (PDF)
The experience (both positive and negative) of the phenomenon tends to be greatly affected by one’s world view. Understanding our own perceptual frameworks can help resolve the polarity and level the playing field.
(MUFON UFO Journal, June 2002)

· Close Encounters: The More We Learn, the Less We Know (PDF)
The experience of the close encounter still seems to defy our every attempt to put into a box. Each new event seems to add strangeness to a mystery which is already one of the strangest of our time.
(CUFOS, International UFO Reporter, April 2002)

· Close Encounters of the Third Kind in Our Every Day World (PDF)
One of the strangest aspects of the close encounter experiencer phenomenon is that in which experiencers find themselves being confronted by unsettling human(oid) figures, such as the Men-In-Black. What/Who are these beings? What do they imply about the encounter phenomenon?
(March 2002 Minnesota MUFON Journal)

· Implants: Thoughts on Reading "The Aliens and the Scalpel" by Dr. Roger Leir (PDF)
Does the Penrose/Hammeroff microtubule model of quantum properties in nerve cells provide a possible mechanism for the alleged implants described in Dr. Leir’s book?
(Published 2001 in Minnesota MUFON Journal)

· An Objective Model for PSI? (PDF)
Can zero-point theory, along with the Penrose/Hammeroff microtubule model of quantum effects in the nervous system provide insight in to parapsychological phenomena?
(Published 2001 in Minnesota MUFON Journal)

· Spontaneous Invisibility - The Mystery We Can Not See (PDF)
One of the strangest phenomena accompanying the close encounter experience is that of spontaneous invisibility, in which the experiencer apparently becomes invisible to his/her environment either just before or just after the phenomenon. What are some ways we can begin to understand this phenomenon.
(Published 2001 in Minnesota MUFON Journal)

· The Very Real Experience of UFO Encounters (PDF)
The wondrous and frightening reality of encounters with the unexplained
(Published 2001 in “The Edge” Newspaper - Part 1 of 3)

· The Light and the Dark Side of the Sky - The Wonder and Trauma of Contact (PDF)
Dealing with the fear of the close encounter
(Published 2001 in “The Edge” Newspaper – Part 2 of 3)

· Investigating the Mystery of the UFO Encounter (PDF)
Ways in which we try to learn more about this mysterious phenomenon. How do we follow up on reports, and how can you report one?
(Published 2001 in “The Edge” Newspaper – Part 3 of 3)

· UFO Encounters, There May be More Than You Think (PDF)
There are probably many more close-encounter experiencers than most people realize. Perhaps you - or perhaps someone you know….

· The Logistics of UFO Abduction (PDF)
A look at what I call the “Air Traffic Control Problem” – the numbers of close encounters imply that if all reported CE4’s are physical events, then our skies must be overflowing with UFOs.

· Reality Anomalies in CE4 Cases (PDF)
A look at some of the reality anomalies which seem to show up in abduction cases (November 2000 Minnesota MUFON Journal)

· UFOlogy The Hard Way
A hard look at the status of the UFO studies written in 1997 - There are no shortcuts. The only way we will achieve greater insight into the UFO phenomenon is by doing research with painstaking thoroughness and careful science.
(January 1997 Minnesota MUFON Journal)

· The UFOs of 1979 (PDF)
A look at a possible wave of sightings in the northern Twin Cities area- There were many sightings in Minnesota during the fall of 1978 and/or 1979. What patterns can we discern from the data?

· Contact: UFOlogy and SETI
A look at the relationship between the UFO and SETI communities – This is an appeal for peace between two communities that basically seek the same goal.
(September 1997 Minnesota MUFON Journal)

· Wonder and Rationality - The Dilemma of a Scientific UFO Investigator (PDF)
In UFO research there is always the need for skepticism, but also the willingness to be open to the unexplained. Where do we strike the balance?
(January 1998 Minnesota MUFON Journal)